Mermaid Favorites Posted on 30 Mar 21:11

We at The Tropical Mermaid asked some of our Brand Reps to tell us their favorite things about Mermaids and their Tails! Millie lives in the UK with her little sister, Pixie, and sometimes they dress up as mermaids together! 

Millie says her favorite thing about being a mermaid is it makes her feel magical and, in her own words, "very special and beautiful."

Her favorite activity to do while wearing her Mermaid Tail blanket is read books about princesses, unicorns and, of course, mermaids!

Millie's favorite thing about The Tropical Mermaid is "everything! The Tails are incredibly beautiful, there is a wide selection of tails, tops and other items and P is a very talented & beautiful lady inside and out!" 

We love seeing Millie, and all our Mermaids, in our Tails and it is wonderful to find out, in their own words, what they love about being Mermaids!