About Us!

Welcome to our store! 

We are so happy you found your way to our place. I am P, the creator of the now PATENTED Mermaid Tail Towels and Blankets! My obsession with mermaids started when I was a little girl living near the ocean in Caribbean. We used to hear folk stories of men disappearing into the Caribbean sea because of the songs of mermaids calling to them. It has been a fascinating journey finally putting my love for mermaids and the ocean into a store where people can share in the love I have for them too!

I was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer in 2013 and that year was the year I was stuck at home. Being an active photojournalist and avid traveler, I had to settle for staying home and doing things with my hands. That is when my daughter asked for a mermaid tail blanket for her to watch the Little Mermaid in. Through my chemotherapy, I became an even more expert sewer (I've been sewing with my grandmother since I was 7 years old) and we came up with several designs for the tails. The terry cloth towels were also created then, for her to use while she went to the pool with her daddy while I stayed home and recovered. I had a small shop during that time but was forced to shut it down due to my health conditions deteriorating. 

Now, forward a few years later, I can say I'm healthy, strong and active again! I opened my Penny + Lev store back up with more drive than ever before. This new store for me is a celebration of life. Everything is bright, cheerful and filled with life! 

We hope you love our items as much as we love creating them! Celebrate Life with us!